The paralytic nature of fear


It was the period of examination and everywhere appeared tensed. As it is well known that examination period is always a stressful time for most students. A lot will become automatic reading room

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Where do you stand?

Isaiah 1:21, 22:  How is the faithful city become an harlot! It was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers. Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water:

where_do_you_stand-5revJudgement in the city of my people once was sound, their garment was righteousness with our God, holiness and purity were in their gallery (nothing more, less or else to show) and for Truth, it was their creed. O, the pollution! For their silver, their glory is turned to dross and my people are not ashamed. For ashes once exchanged for beauty is returned to ashes, the dog to its vomit and the sow to her wallowing in the mire. O, the concentration of their wine, the purity and the goodly taste! For our brewers mar our malt with water and now we develop weak stomachs. Our souls are troubled and who does stands for the truth?

From whence come these abominations into the midst of the holies, for these are tares planted among wheat? The sanctuary of our God is filled with vomit and contempt. On the altar of our God is offered bruised and bleeding lambs and the person of our God is mocked every day. I implore you to walk the streets and the corners and see what you will find. Fornicators blast in tongues by the cathedrals and the night they have taken as a cover for their evils. O, the dilution of the Truth, the heresies and the pervading lies!

Jezebels mount our podiums with no qualms because our pulpits bore no fire. Balaams take the reins of churches because the pew are becoming godless. Abominations in the midst of the holies!! The corruption of the people and the pew, for men of questionable characters are patrons of our various fellowships. Ha! Children of covenant are gone a whoring committing adultery with accursed children, breaking the tie that binds them with their God. For they seek the idols of the people; the gods of gold, and the creed of Truth have they sold in greed. Just like Shakespeare said: when pickpockets and prostitutes do churches build, then shall the realm of Albion come to confusion. See what confusion besiege the realm of this age!

The daughter of Babylon who receives not the SPIRIT of ADOPTION (life changing experience through JESUS CHRIST) has now called herself the daughter of Zion. The true daughter of Zion who should be at the fore front of holiness now seeks the goodies and garments of Babylon. As it is popularly said: “the church is becoming worldly and the world is becoming churchy”. Our Nazarenes who once were pure as wool are now polluted with all filthiness, they were once filled with the SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD, but are now drunken with wine.

Where are our watchmen, the children of Issachar who should know the time, who should keep the people informed, warn them of the impending doom that is coming upon the children of disobedience, and the bliss that awaits the true sons and daughters of GOD? It is a pity that many of our watchmen are asleep while the wolves (false prophets, satanic agents) are ravaging the fold. Although our watchmen could boast of a thousand hours of uninterrupted watch, but they now sleep at a time critical.

O! Where are the sons of GOD?

  • Those who will take the battle to the very gate of the Arch Enemy and plunder his territory, setting the captives free from the yoke of Satan and sin.
  • Those who will silent heretics who have gone in the way of Cain (deviation from true worship), ran greedily after the error of Balaam (covetousness and immoral permissiveness) for a reward (riches) and perish in the gainsaying of Core (rebellion against GOD and HIS true servants).

Am not talking of fanatics who muddle the WORD OF GOD, but men of CONVICTION who will stand tall on their feet, march the length and breadth of every terrain and stamp righteousness across every land.


Are you a CHRISTIAN?

If you are, you can no longer be passive!!!

You must showcase the LIVE OF CHRIST and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS in your living (day-in-day-out, in secret and in open), in your dressing and appearance, in your words, actions, inactions and reactions. Finally, you must be bold to declare the righteousness of GOD brought through JESUS CHRIST to all, telling sinners of the loving and saving SAVIOUR, and warning them of the impending doom that awaits the children of disobedience who reject the SALVATION of CHRIST JESUS.

Silewu: A quest in search of meaning ©

Who shall declare to me, or who shall give meaning to the unsolved puzzle of times, the woes of a generation not so refined, crude and never tilled? For silewu is my word, a meaningless word, an invention of time and of wild imaginations. Silewu has no meaning and it shall be used to describe a generation without meaning moving alongside the mass of humanity headlong into doom.
O silewu! This is a generation to behold, and I sat on the tower of times to see their end. They are a mass of young ones diverse in kinds, arts and crafts, but finding unity in their diversities, they had a common destiny. They were a throng of people moving in the same direction, free to flare and trade in their fairs. They were so free that their shackles was thicker than the ones used for a possessed with thousands of demons. For they themselves are a possession of the possessor of demons. They flare their shame with impudence and their fairs are a contingency of evils.
Silewu, for in me is a wellspring of lamentations waiting to be poured out with the ink of grieve on the rolls of unwritten woes. I have seen a generation not so thoughtful, it never thinks. This generation marks the beginning of an epoch of insanity. To them, sanity is garbage meant for the dump. Intellectualism is a cancerous lump held loosely in their breast, and righteousness is an evil cloak worn only by fools. Purity they said went out with the Puritans. They have brewed judgment into cans of gall and for good, they know not how to do good. What a meaningless generation not having a meaning to its existence!
The man that scrapes each side of the head is now a star to reckon with. The lady who in the face of the public wore nakedness is the cynosure of all eyes. What an adulterous generation! Our media is a sort of sultry soil on which we cast and display our filthy rags. Governments across various lands are a pack of gregarious gatemen who loot public treasuries. Lawmakers are no longer held by laws and immunity itself is a concrete law. Judges condemn judgment and enforcers trample under feet the statutes of the land. Here and there, ministries like mushrooms spring up in the woods and on country sides, yet piety, righteousness and holiness are hard things to come by. Songs by artistes are harmony of rubbishes and nonsense. Movies from the various –woods are a compilation of everything a dissonance from morality and godliness. What a generation! Truth has fallen, not only in secret, but on our streets. The wicked multiply in their numbers and the nations are a new breed of vanity pinning away in their sinfulness. But what shall be said to this generation when time shall have passed? The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. (Psalm 9:17).
Silewu, so meaningless, this generation may find no meaning to its existence, but what shall be said of you? Come out from among them and be ye separate, said God. Then can He be a Father unto you, and you shall be His sons and daughters. This generation may fail the grace of God (for God has never failed any willing and repenting man His grace), they may also miss out in His delightful count, but a seed shall serve Him (God); it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation.
This generation may cry out the one voice of civilization, but Silewu shall be my description for it. For in its civilization it lost meaning. And “behind the debris of this civilization stands the gigantic figure of Jesus Christ” (Malcom Muggeridge). Only Jesus can give a generation its meaning. A life spent without Christ is meaningless! So also is a generation that knows not the only true GOD.